Belvedere Community Centre is PROUD to present to you the wonderful artwork of the people of Belvedere! Here are just some examples and stories from our Art classes and Craft Sessions. Belvedere Community Centre currently offers two professionally led Art sessions by renowned artists, Nicola Corrigan and Angie Stocker  (also on Instagram: @stockerangela). We are grateful for the partnership with Three Rivers and Peabody that allows us to provide this amazing opportunity for the people of Belvedere and beyond. Three Rivers is a new arts and social change agency for the London Borough of Bexley. Three Rivers is led by Scott Burrell with assisted artistic direction by famous multimedia artist Aya Haidar . 

We currently hold our popular afternoon Art classes on Tuesday and Wednesday afternoons. We also hold a free craft session on Wednesday morning/lunchtime.

We are incredibly excited to bring the people of Belvedere and Bexley such high quality access to the arts… we already have PERFORMING ARTS FOR CHILDREN FROM HOLLYWOOD ON THURSDAY EVENINGS but we also hope to expand provision in the future to other artistic pursuits and activities and enrich and enhance the cultural and social fabric of our vibrant community.

So please enjoy the fantastic work and stories of the people of Belvedere and Bexley… and if you would like to take part, please do come along or contact us for more details!


Nicola Corrigan's Tuesday Session: More botanical illustrations with pen and watercolour... Plus more tile artwork!

Nicola Corrigan's Tuesday Session: Botanical illustration using watercolour pencils, pencils and pens …

Nicola Corrigan's Tuesday Session: Botanical florals - spring flowers - blue tile designs

Nicola Corrigan's Tuesday Session: Folk art project... Red/blue folk art painting and tile designs based on research from plates and ceramic tiles

Angie Stocker's Wednesday Session: The last session for Sumi-e Japanese brush ink painting also we looked at the practice of painting Enso circles!

Nicola Corrigan's Tuesday Session, this week Folk art - recycling boxes, tins and tiles!

Nicola Corrigan's Tuesday Session: Creating visual journals/ sketchbooks using up-cycled books...

Angie Stocker's Wednesday Group - Japanese Brush Painting ‘Sumi-e’ and more finished sculpture.

Nicola Corrigan's Tuesday Group: Painting enormous blooms. Looking at artist Georgia O’Keefe...

Nicola Corrigan's Tuesday art class ….Spring flowers

Fantastic completed sculptures from Angie Stocker's Group on Wednesdays... ’Henry Moore vs Barbara Hepworth’!

Some more nice work from Nicola Corrigan's Art Group on Tuesdays!

More Textile work from Nicola Corrigan's Tuesday Class!

Following on from the drawings in the Angie Stocker Class, here is the transformation in the clay workshop!

Artist Nicola Corrigan's Tuesday Art Class Textiles: Designing bags and painting on them...

'More Henry Moore' verses Barbara Hepworth photos with Top Artist Angie Stocker!

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! Henry Moore and Barbara Hepworth inspired ink and wax resist sketches for the forthcoming clay workshop on 26th January.... Plus 'Freddie' and other work created over the Christmas break!


The last Art Class before Christmas and we had a little Christmas Tea to celebrate!

This week: White on black paintings and white on black paintings with colour to highlight!

The Tuesday Group led by Nicola Corrigan made collage looking at artists including kurt Schwitters, Picasso, Hannah Hoch and Matisse...

This week we all went to the Victoria and Albert Museum for inspiration! Kindly funded by Three Rivers....

This week we have a Winter Season theme....

This week has been the Cubist session... incredible work and what an amazing progression for our Art Class Students!

Previous Weeks Work... The journey begins!

We will be adding more art work all the time... so please do come back and see the fantastic art work that is being made HERE at Belvedere Community Centre!