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Walking Football can be good for you, regardless of age or ability. Give it a try !! It’s a gift !! It’s fun, it’s fitness, and it’s friendship !!

Type 2 Diabetes, regular physical activity reduces the chances of it by 40%
Cardiovascular disease, regular physical activity reduces the chances of it by 35%.
Falls, depression and dementia, regular physical activity reduces the chances of it by 30%
Joint and back pain, regular physical activity reduces the chances of it by 25%
Cancers (Colon and Breast), regular physical activity reduces the chances of it by 20%
“Walking football in Belvedere?” I hear you say… This is a great time to be considering Walking Football in Belvedere. Further afield in LB Bexley, “Bexley Walking Football Club” team have just won the TRA South East National League championship !!!! Whilst that is fantastic news, it must be appreciated that they DO play in the walking football equivalent of “The Premiership” !! So we won’t be organising any games against them just yet…

We are trying to appeal to Belvedere people who may not quite be at that professional level, but still wish to have some football fun! This is an increasingly popular way of engaging in exercise in a way that is not only enjoyable and a great way to meet new people, but also has proven health benefits.

We are initially wanting to hear from ANYONE over the age of 50, regardless of gender, fitness or health issues who have been looking for a way to address these health concerns through an exercise regime that doesn’t even feel like exercise!!! I know you may think that this may be nonsense, but consider what Derek (One of the successful players in the Bexley Walking Football Club) says :

“Five years on, I am still playing………..I’ve lost 3 stones in weight, the sleep apnea has disappeared, my blood pressure is lower and I no longer need to take statins!”

We have already agreed with one venue to run the games, but what we need are the players. The Walking Football rules determine that each team should be a maximum of 6 players, so to just get this idea up and…. Err walking, we probably need at least 12 people interested. But the more the… fitter ??

Are you one of those 12 Belvedere residents ? If so, we want to hear from you!
If you are wondering why the emphasis on Belvedere only, well we didn’t want to exclude anyone who has issues with access or transport costs. So we wanted to ensure that the venue would be easily accessible in Belvedere for all local residents. This opportunity offers us a great starting point to have some fun and get fitter, and who knows, if you give this a go you could be the next Derek… wouldn’t that be something??!!

We would like to thank Bexley Walking Football Club and Bexley Voluntary Service Council for the fantastic help they gave in setting our new club up!

Come along and play your first session for FREE – WE WOULD LOVE TO SEE OR HEAR FROM YOU!

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