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Belvedere Community Forum is looking for new trustees!

Belvedere Community Halloween Disco was a scRREEEAM!!!! Everyone enjoyed themselves.... Look out for our Christmas Party... Tickets available SOON!

Belvedere Community Tea Dance News!

Belvedere Community Forum and the staff of Belvedere Community Centre would like to express their heartfelt thanks for the help, generous donations and support for the Tea Dance held on Friday the 6th September. The event was a huge success and it was enjoyed by al the guests and participants, it also raised much needed funds for the Community Centre.
In particular we would like to offer big thanks to:
• Elder Hogg and the other elders from the Latter-Day Saints Church who served the teas.
• Rosie Leigh Mobile Tea Shop for donating the delicious homemade cakes.
• Gina for making the beautiful cupcakes.
• Karen Hindley for facilitating the Ballroom Dancing and entertaining us.
• All our loyal volunteers who decorated the hall, made and served refreshments.
We could not have done it without you all… we really appreciate all that you have done!
To those who attended, we hope you really enjoyed this special event and to those who missed it…. Do keep your eyes open for the next time we do this and come along… you will not regret it!
Thank you all!!!
The Board of the Belvedere Community Forum and the staff of Belvedere Community Centre.

Your Belvedere Community Centre thanked for Community Fridge Service!

Come and enjoy YOUR Belvedere Community Fridge Service!

Community Fridge Comes To Belvedere!

NEW!!!! Walking football STARTS on Friday 17th May at 11am at Belvedere Community Centre. First session is FREE and then £3 a session thereafter.... GREAT VALUE!!!

Belvedere Community Forum Meetings for 2019

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